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A growing assortment of businesses prefer those who are able to talk in Spanish confidently. A 2013 study of executives and high-level supervisors carried out by Strategy Business found that 97% of high executives interviewed “considered language skills are relatively significant for specialist success in the business atmosphere.”

Maintain your brain young and healthy

Research workers from the University of Ghent in Belgium found that having the knowledge to another language such as for example Spanish eliminates the symptoms of dementia.” And in recent times published it leads to cognitive modesty and a research that added to the growing hints that bilingualism can delay the start of Alzheimer’s Become more independent.

Spanish School in Mexico

Bringing culture tends to be one of the most delightful experiences for pupils and teachers. Especially, in 2nd language schooling the chances to play with and implement a broad diversity of representations and artistic expressions are limitless. We recently had at Chac-Mool a family of four pupils- a mom with 3 kids- who participated in a very fascinating and executing interactive lesson dynamics; Mara- 45, Nadia- fourteen, Martin- 12, and Peter- 9, each one of these talks Portuguese, German, Spanish and English. Their closing class assignment was to execute the Mayan legend of “Ixtab, Xtabay and Xtabentun” (Tuyub Collí, Leovigildo Bernardo, 1993, Edit. Trillas), a picturesque narrative depicting the customs and beliefs of the folks in the Mayan area.



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